Brewn’ is a dynamic Australian act delivering their own brand of Country Rock, whose sound is a lively fusion of Australian Rock and Country.

Here is a working class band, writing about their jobs, their cars, their lovers and their hometown, projecting pride in their identity and in a language their fans can understand. 

While the band quickly had a respected following for their work in the bar scene, lead singer Mick Bond had always longed for something more. Growing up with strong Country influences, Mick had dreams of pursuing Country music, and developing a project that more fit the style he was passionate about.  

Mick called upon the talent of twin brothers, John Barbara (drums) and Anthony Barbara (guitar), Bob Harvey (guitar) as well as Zack Whittaker (bass). 

John, Anthony, Bob & Zac, new to the Country genre, and coming from the Funk, Rock, Metal and Jazz scenes, brought a new depth of sound to their stand-out style. 

With their fusion of experience, outlooks and techniques, combined with masterfully written Country songs, Brewn had transformed from bar band into a rare breed of Country Rock musicians, who simply deliver lively performances, great lyrics and an overall enjoyable sound. 

 In 2010, Brewn’ released their first EP, Bear Country Road, which won a award at the Canberra Country Music Festival: Best EP  
The following year, in 2011, Brewn’ released their debut full length, Rusted On. The album received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and critics alike and showcased a combination of polished and authentic Australian Country that made it a winner in the hearts of many. This also won an award at the Canberra Country Music Festival for best production (thanks to producer Steve Newton/Enrec studios).
In 2014, working under the direction of producer Robert Mackay, Brewn recorded a new album at Pacific International Music.
In 2015, Brewn returned to the Tamworth Country Music Festival, endorsed and invited by Maton guitars to perform at the Maton Guitar Show Case.
Brewn’s new  album and single ‘My Town’ is mixed and mastered by Jason Millhouse, and released under the Pacific International Label.
Brewn has risen from an accomplished bar band, to a well-rounded and respected Country rock act. The release of ‘My Town’ further explores their  musical journey of hard work, good living and good times.